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CHAPTER I Introductory:  Horsepower of the engine.  Boat to which it is suited. Reasons for the principle features of the design.  Method of designating the parts. 1
CHAPTER II The Cylinder:  Explanation of Plate A. 5
CHAPTER III The Piston and Cylinder Head:  Explanation of Plate B. 9
CHAPTER IV The Crankcase:  Explanation of Plates C and D, including the crankcase cover, the bushings, and the oil-pipe bracket. 13
CHAPTER V The Connecting Rod:  Explanation of Plate E. 17
CHAPTER VI The Crankshaft and the Flywheel:  Explanation of Plate F, including the balance weights. 21
CHAPTER VII The Valve Box and the Valves:  Explanation of Plate G. 25
CHAPTER VIII The Pump and the Cam Shaft:  A sheet of small parts, which includes also the cam, the thrust rod and the pump eccentric, all on plate H. 29
CHAPTER IX The Igniter:  Explanation of Plate K, which includes all the igniter mechanism and also the reducing gears. 33
CHAPTER X The Vaporizer:  Explanation of Plate L. 39
CHAPTER XI The Screw Propeller:  Explanation of Plate M, with instructions for laying out the pattern for one blade and casting a three-blade propeller from the pattern. 43
CHAPTER XII Accessories:  Explanation of Plate N, including the muffler, the propeller nut, the outboard bearing, the stuffing box for the propeller shaft and the starting crank. 47
CHAPTER XII Erecting:  Explanation of the Erecting Sheet, showing how to assemble the various parts of the engine, how to get the various parts in line, how the set the valves and the igniter, and how to put the engine in running order. 51
CHAPTER XIV Testing:  How to connect the engine up for a shop test in order to see that the various parts work together in harmony.  How to load the engine for continuous running.  How to find a ground in the igniter circuit.  How to start the engine.  How to test the pump.  How to regulate the engine. 56
CHAPTER XV Installation:  Explanation of the Installation Sheet.  Location of the engine and its accessories in the boat.  How to make the foundation.  Connecting up the gasoline tank.  Connecting up the pump.  Fitting up the exhaust pipe and the muffler.  The ignition circuits.  Fitting up the propeller shaft. 61
INDEX   65
PLATE A The Cylinder 4
PLATE B The Piston and Cylinder Head 8
PLATE C Base or Crankcase 12
PLATE D The Crankcase Cover, Bushing and Oil-pipe Bracket 14
PLATE E The Connecting Rod 16
PLATE F The Crankshaft, Flywheel, and Balance Weights 20
PLATE G The Valve Box and the Valves 24
PLATE H The Pump and the Cam Shaft 28
PLATE K The Igniter and the Reducing Gears 32
PLATE L The Vaporizer 38
PLATE M The Screw Propeller 42
PLATE N Accessories: Muffler, Propeller Nut, Stuffing Box, Outboard Bearing and Starting Crank 46

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