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ABOUT US (what is the purpose of this site anyway?)

OldMarineEngine.com will endeavor to be a resource for antique internal combustion marine engine collectors, restorers, researchers, and enthusiasts. We hope to provide a network for this small group of people to share research and information over the Internet.  The site includes company histories, technical articles, classified ads, discussion group on specific engines as well as general categories.

The best way to participate on this site is to use our discussion board, it is the most active area of the site and contains valuable information post by users of the site. Us the search function at the top of the discussion board pages. 

We will also be selling a limited number of marine engine related books and products, and would welcome your suggestions for what to offer. Your participation is encouraged.  

Thanks,   Andrew Menkart

I would like to thank some of the people that have offered encouragement for this site. Many people have contributed material for this site which is, or will be posted, while others have continually shared their knowledge and material with others in this hobby.  Much thanks, and I hope this site can expand the network of cooperation and friendship that already exists in this small but growing group. Extended thanks to: Dick Day, Stan Grayson, Bruce Hall, Hubie Jones, Dan Acierno, Chuck Franklin, Keith Kinney, Chip DeBoer,  Keith Billet, Art DeKalb, Jerry Farmer, Wes Farmer, Tom Geopfrich, Nat Hammond, Bill Wolf, Bill Fiege, Larry Mahan, Ernie Darrow, Prince Stevens, George King III, Jeff Fay, Andy Mackey, Peter Ogborne, Miro Forrest, J.B. Castagnos, Richard Durgee, Robert Price, Joe Holmes, George Boley, and many others that I have failed to mention here.

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