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Regal Marine Engines   -  10 Horse Power Model "UB Engine

Regal 10HP Model "UB" Engine - Port Side Regal 10HP Model "UB" Engine - Staboard Side
Cylinders of the 10 horse power model "UB" engine are 4-1/2 inch bore by 5-1/2 inch stroke, weight of engine 730 pounds. Crank shaft is hammer forged from solid billet open hearth steel, .40 carbon and has balance weights to counteract vibration. Forward and after main bearings for crank shaft are bronze, 4-1/ 2 inches long, with babbitt lining. There is an intermediate bearing between cylinders for crank shaft. The connecting rod is drop forged steel with interchangeable babbitt bearing at shaft end. Bronze bushing at piston. Connecting rod has take-up at piston pin. Speed of engine 200 to 800 revolu tions per minute, and generally is installed in boats 25-ft. to 30-ft. over all. Engine is left-hand (starboard) rotation, using 19-inch or 20-inch 3-blade right- hand wheel. The size propeller wheel for any engine will vary somewhat, depending on model of boat and its use.
The lubrication is from force-feed lubricator through oil tubes to cylinders and bearings. An oil pump on crank case returns oil from base to lubricator so that the lubricating oil is used over again as long as good, then should be replaced with new oil.
Not being a heavy engine, the model "UB" is very good power for cruisers and runabouts where a substantial engine and not excessive speed is desired. Many of this model are sold for lighthouse service and working boats. An engine to buy for reliability and long service.
The above is from Regal Marine Engines CATALOG 20 undated.

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