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A Palmer ZR1 Comes Home to New England, by Ernie Darrow

We made a hasty trip to Maryland to pick up a Palmer ZR1 and bring him back to New England. Arriving in Maryland we found him waiting for us.

Waiting for the trip north.
On our trip home we would pass through Cos Cob, Connecticut. All the way from Maryland, north through several states we kept hearing mumbling from the back of the truck, Cos Cob, Cos Cob I want to stop in Cos Cob!

We exited Interstate 95 in Cos Cob, winding our way down under the highway and the railroad.The Palmer Brothers factory was located on the Mianus River at a location that is now partially under the Mianus River Bridge, part of Interstate 95 in Connecticut just north of the Mianus River railroad bridge.

The building on the left is the restaurant located on the grounds of the original factory. The Railroad Bridge is visible in the background. I wonder how many Palmer engines have been back?

He (the ZR1) was very upset to find only condos where there was once a busy factory. As we left the area I think I heard him mumbling something to the effect that he had no use for condos! Progress, humph I heard him say, I have been gone for almost 60 years and look at the place now. And what the heck is a Camaro? (Background in the above picture) I wonder what that will look like in 2046?

Looking southeast, restaurant and condos on the left railroad bridge on the right.

Picture from an old Palmer catalog. I prefer this view.

A ZR 1 is big.The YT 1 in the foreground has a flywheel diameter if 11 inches. The YT 1 was one of Palmers smallest singles the ZR1 was one of the largest.(Marine 4 stroke single cylinder engines) YT1 courtesy of Andrew.

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