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Click for a partial list of pre-1940 Marine Engine Mfgs This list is only a portion of the known builders of inboard marine engines in the US and Canada prior to 1940.  In addition to the high production builders there was an enormous number of small builders manufacturing a limited amount of engines for local use. It is probably impossible to identify all of these builders
A significant amount of research into the identification of marine engine builders has been done by the late Max Homfeld and by Stan Grayson.  
Max Homfeld identified approximately 800 pre 1940 builders from a variety of sources including Patent records, Gardner Hiscox's book GAS, GASOLINE, AND OIL ENGINES,  LLOYD'S REGISTER OF YACHTS, and catalog collections of private individuals.  He did a fine job of indexing the company name, location, trade name, source, and some remarks about their product line or the source.
Stan Grayson, in Appendix "A" of his important book OLD MARINE ENGINES, also identifies about 800 manufacturers and includes comments and photographs of many of them.
I will attempt to expand on these lists with additional period information from sources such as RUDDER magazine, MOTORBOAT trade directories, and evidence of existing engines from shows and submissions to this site.  In order to make a useful list for a web site, it has to be in a database format.  I hope to have this ready for posting soon.  In the meantime, if anyone has knowledge of an engine manufacturer that may not be commonly known, I would like to include it on the list.  Thanks.

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