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See photos from the 2001 Mystic Seaport Engine Expo.

August 18 - 19,  2001:    The latest news on the show.....

Comments from organizer George King:

On fiberglass boats . . .
"We have succeeded in extending our range of boats at the engine show to
include fiberglass hulls. Anyone with a period engine in a boat made of
any material is welcome to bring it to Mystic Seaport's Antique Marine
Engine Exposition this year."

On "For Sale" signs . . .
"We do not allow 'For Sale' or 'Wanted' signs on boats at our antique
boat rendezvous or on cars at out antique car show. We will be
consistent with this policy at the engine show but we will continue to
have a "Swap Board" in the coffee room both days and a "Swap Meet"
before the Seaport opens on Sunday. I have no problem with exhibitors
posting a notice in the coffee room of an engine at the expo that is for

On modern steam engines . . .
"When we established this show ten years ago, we decided that steam
engines and models would be exempt from the "old age" requirement for
exhibition. What we want to avoid is an abundance of engines and
outboards that do not follow the antique main propulsion theme of the
show. It is our observation that brand new steam engines are built on
original designs but brand new gas engines and outboards are not. If
you have a brand new engine built on an early design we will consider it
as we did a few years ago with our friends from Lundenburg and we do
annually with Lea Steele's boat and engine. This is why it is an
invitational show. By telling us what you want to exhibit we can
embrace a wider variety of marine engines while avoiding disappointment
on the day of the show."

On the process of change . . .
"If you like the show, tell your friends. If you don't like it, tell me.
Your friends can't change it . . . I can try." 

Note: The"tell me"above is George King.

On things we've been able to change . . .
"Based on your requests, we have been able to make many changes. These
include: free tea to go with our free coffee, water jugs, camping,
stationary engines built by marine engine manufacturers, modern engines
built on traditional designs, show site parking for those who have
trouble getting around, single days of display for those who can't stay
both days, cages on propellers, exhibitors bringing fire extinguishers,
separate exhibitor signup privileges for family members, extra passes
for family members on request, T-shirt sales at the exhibit site, a
change in the layout of the show in the shipyard, fiberglass boats at
the show, getting George to wear his red hat again"

On things we have not been able to change . . .
"Shorter lines at the Galley and the weather."

Mystic Seaport Antique Marine Engine Expo 2001

Link to the Mystic Seaport site for directions and general information.
Mystic Seaport Press Release on the 2001 Show.

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